Parent Resource Center

  • What is the Parent Resource Center?

    To help parents become more engaged in the education of their children, the Resource Center is designed to provide training and information on parent involvement to all parents in this district. The center offers training to parents on Title I program procedures and requirements, parents' rights and responsibilities under the program, and leadership strategies for effective program planning through school- and district-level Title I advisory councils. The center also provides workshops on parenting skills and home teaching techniques and operates a library of parenting and educational resources. Each school in the designates a parent involvement contact who serves as a liaison with the Parent Resource Center and who recruits parents to participate in center activities. Please stop and visit our Resource Center in Room B6.

    What does the Resource Center Provide?

    • Title I Information
    • Community Agency & Resource Information
    • Financial Aide Information
    • Testing Information (GHSGT, SAT, ACT, etc.)
    • Access Parent Portal
    • Georgia College 411 Information: